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Having gone through a very stressful period in my life and not being a person who can easily relax, I decided to give reflexology a try. I found Elaine after lots of research and for the last 3 years have been seeing her on and off. I found the whole experience very soothing, relaxing and therapeutic. It certainly did me no harm and it really helped to calm my pace of life, which previously had been in a bad way. I would highly recommend reflexology to anyone interested in trying it and Elaine who is very welcoming, friendly and above all professional. Patient A


Relaxing. Comfortable. Eased my problems. I feel "chilled out" after sessions, which lasts a couple of days. Patient B


Elaine has given me reflexology treatments since 1996 and they have made a tremendous difference to my health and well being, both physically and psychologically. I underwent a hysterectomy in 1996 and reflexology helped me relax. It also reduced my stress and anxiety before my operation. In 1999 I suffered different health problems and experienced severe fatigue which reduced my activities and made me virtually housebound. Regular reflexology sessions over a period of time gradually helped me improve my energy levels and stamina until eventually I felt able to go out and enjoy life one again. Even to be able to do normal activities such as shopping! After each sesion I feel relaxed and yet more energised - I really value the effect it has on both my mind and my body. Patient C

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